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How to independently install a car seat in the car

by womenbabe

Those who own the car, and at the same time as responsible parents, take a very wise step, buying a car seat for their child.

Still, having bought it completely, it is impossible to ensure the baby security, because in order to achieve maximum protection it is necessary to correctly install this chair. As the statistics show children who were injured in an accident in the chairs were not protected due to improper installation and fastening of this seat. That is why we decided to prepare our useful recommendations on how reliably and correctly install a children’s car seat.

Main recommendations for installation

First of all, we definitely advise you to read the instructions where, in addition to the description, it is precisely shown in the drawings, how to correctly install and fix the chair in your car. In no case should you, somehow simplify the attachment procedure, because in this case you reduce the percentage of your child’s security percentage.

It is not recommended to put such a chair on the front seats, since at the time of the collision a pillow of safety may work, from the shot of which a child can get very serious injuries. Therefore, it is best to install it in the back seat, and in the middle, thus, you can additionally fix it with a three -point belt. When tightening all the fasteners, try to use the maximum of strength, after you fixed it, it is worth checking for the absence of any backlash.

Having planted a child in a car seat 0-18 kg, pay attention to the fact that the belts are not twisted, there should also be a gap of several fingers between the body of the child. By necessary, adjust the gap and all the mounts. Each time you re -set the chair in your car, be sure to clearly follow the instructions, or if it is already installed, it also does not prevent it from again checking the reliability of the mount.

Useful tips

In general, we can say that such chairs can be installed for children who have not reached the age of 12 years with a weight of up to 40 kg. If your child has already left these frames a children’s chair he will not need. In this case, you can limit yourself to just a seat belt. We advise you in no case to buy a used car seat, as they can be faulty and it is possible that they were in an accident. It is better to buy a new car seat, because in this case you will be completely confident in his strength and the safety of your child, so you should not save when it comes to the life of your children.

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