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How to make an ideal make up on your own

by womenbabe

The perfect make-up should emphasize your beauty. But how to find out which makeup is right for you? Answer our questions and start bold experiments.


Your motto is in everything! You have good skin, so make-up in natural tones what you need. For eye makeup, an eyebrow is light shades of shadows without mother -of -pearl beige, ivory, peach. To emphasize the contour of the eyes, use a gray or brown pencil, be sure to grow it. If you use lipstick, before almost a shade that will not be distinguished from the color of your lips. Or use, neutral lip gloss.


You are very feminine and elegant, so the classic makeup as a way will better emphasize your beauty. Eyes-the-based accent! At the same time, no matter what color combination you use, the shadows should be well blended, and the transition from light tones to the road. Pale pink lipstick or lip gloss.


For a bright girl – bright makeup! Shadows of saturated colors-blue, purple, green, yellow, orange-cape are combed with grave or gray clothes, look good with outfits of contrasting colors and harmoniously complement the image with a dress in tone. Just do not forget that for bright makeup you can use a maximum of two colors. So, if the eyelids are covered with several tones of shadows, apply a transparent shine to the lips.

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