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How to prepare for childbirth special exercises

by womenbabe

Long and difficult months of waiting for their little happiness are coming to an end. All anxieties and experiences about gestation are left behind. However, future mothers, finding himself, so to speak, on the finish line, often fall into a state of panic fear.

After all, a couple of months ago, the upcoming motherhood seemed distant and unknown happiness. And when a few weeks remain until the decisive moment, the upcoming birth seems to be painful. In such situations, the expectant mother should calm down, relax, recall all the information received in courses and consultations.

In addition, today you can use the opportunity to give birth abroad in more modern clinics. For example, female health and childbirth in Korea today have a number of advantages and this is a great chance to minimize risks during childbirth, trusting the professionalism of Korean specialists and the equipment of their clinics.

If there are no obvious reasons for concern, and for medical reasons, pregnancy smoothly approaches its completion, women in labor, as a rule, are waiting for the beginning of the birth of the house. However, when at home, you can also not waste time in vain and start a short preparation for the upcoming birth.

In recent weeks of pregnancy, starting with the 36th, it is necessary to soften the cervix, thereby preparing it for the tribal process. For this, gynecologists recommend resuming a regular sex life without using a condom, since sperm softens the cervix slightly.

No less important role in the preparation of a woman for childbirth is special exercises that will help to avoid crotch breaks and significantly reduce pain. But do not forget that all physical exercises must be performed under the supervision of a partner and after consulting a doctor. You can also prepare the skin of the perineum, regularly massaging the area between the anus and the vagina, having previously moistened your hand with vegetable oil.

However, as practice shows, the most important thing for the future mother is the support of a partner and relatives. At the last stages before the long -awaited meeting with the baby, it is very important for a woman to feel the warmth, love and confidence of a loved one.

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