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How to survive a divorce useful tips and methods

by womenbabe

To worry and be sad quite natural in this situation. And there is nothing shameful in giving free rein to your feeling – cry, stay at home in bed. May all emotions come out these days. The main thing is not to be laid down so as not to gain excess weight and not drive yourself into real depression.

Cried? Now try to come to terms with the fact of parting and begin to gradually come to your senses, even through force. And although it may seem that life has ended, you need to live on or learn to live again. Without him. The right way can be distracted by pleasant and necessary purchases. For example, you can easily buy active acoustics wireless, in order to watch your favorite films in better quality. And, if you still have to have a hawstry before this purchase, now you will have a real opportunity to try the purchased equipment and watch as many pleasant and funny films as possible.

Do not engage in self -flagellation – the thoughts that you are to blame for a break, do not benefit and do not affect self -esteem poorly. If you were mistaken in something, draw conclusions and move on.

Spit everything and be happy! After all, happiness is a choice.

Often, to survive the divorce, feelings of resentment or guilt that put us in the position of the victim and poison life. If we consider guilty only ourselves, we take extra responsibility for other people’s actions. You need to start healing from a simple recognition that you have it (resentment or wine or one and another) and then lose them. Here as in medicine: a properly made diagnosis is already a half of treatment.

Ultimately, change your image and even appearance – it would seem banal and simple, but it helps many.

Spend time with friends and loved ones. If there was not enough time for meetings with parents before, do it now. , Surrounded by loved ones, you will feel that there are those who love you and will always be with you.

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