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I praise myself for the fact that (praise)

by womenbabe

How we usually do with us? Especially, reflecting on the living day for sleeping? I did not have time, I didn’t do it, I behaved wrong, but what will happen now, it’s my fault, why did I say this,. P. And in vain! After all, no matter how trite it sounds, but the truth says – “if you don’t praise yourself, then you won’t get it all the more from anyone.. ”

So maybe it’s time to praise yourself?

As in advertising, stupid in essence, but having a share of reasonable meaning. Where a woman all the time forgot to drink a medicine for the liver, and then with satisfaction praised herself “well done! “.

Are we not well done? To scold – then we will always have time. But praise! No, don’t regret it, notice! Namely, praise!

For what? Really nothing? For the whole day, a number of events have probably occurred in our lives, for which it is worth strokeing yourself on the head. For example, they restrained and did not send the “beloved” authorities to hell, or finally bought a gift for their mother for an anniversary. Or maybe they made a magnificent dinner for a loved one, or tied their new dress, or by what century they met with a long -standing girlfriend … Yes, even just wiped the accidentally remarked dust from the chest of drawers.

For everything for it is worth praising yourself. And you won’t even have time to notice how the mood will improve, self -esteem will rise and the internal “I” will require new achievements for yourself to your beloved. So, I propose to praise myself. So, I praise myself for ..

Here you have the first few reasons to praise your beloved.

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