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Is it possible to make evening makeup at home

by womenbabe

You can make evening makeup at home: for witchcraft you need a tonal base, tonic for cleansing, crumbly powder, set of shadows, bright lipstick, pencils for the eyes and lips and blush.

1. Clean the skin of the face and neck with tonic.

2. Apply a tonal basis on your face – it will help your makeup hide the skin imperfections and give it durability. If necessary, retract individual skin defects with a corrective pencil. The tonal base should be maximally blended, especially in the neck, ears and at the hair growth line. Choose the base shade one tone darker or lighter than your natural color.

3. Apply a scattered powder with a wide brush-pay attention to the zone of the lob-zone-dialing, where the sebaceous glands are collected. The powder should be one shade lighter than the tonal base.

4. Eyes should be in the evening makeup especially expressive. Emphasize with shadows or pencil of the eyebrow line, then apply a tonal basis to the upper eyelid area. Under the eyebrow itself and in the inner corners of the eyes, use light shadows, and at the outer edge and on the fold, apply darker shades of shadows. All the boundaries between the shadows are growing.

5. The eye cut should be emphasized with a liquid eyeliner or sharpened pencil – the line should go at the base of the cilia and be even.

6. Clean the eyelashes lengthening or voluminous mascara. If you want to have curled eyelashes today, then you need to work with them before applying mascara. Evening makeup will be brighter if the eyelashes are painted with colored mascara or use overhead eyelashes.

7. Draw a lip pencil in your lipstick tone the outline on the lips. You need to apply lipstick on the lips twice: gently, carefully blin the 1st layer and apply the 2nd.

8. The last stroke is blush: apply them several times to the skin, giving the image completeness.

The Itsin school in Memphis, and long, until the birth of the “father of medicine” – Hippocrates. It is not surprising that after his death, the Iminhotep was canonized and served as a prototype for some deities in the religious pantheons of many peoples of the world.

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