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It remains a week before the wedding? Finishing touch

by womenbabe

The day you dreamed about so quickly. But, having made all the preparations, you are still trying to imagine it for yourself and guess what it will actually be. Everyone bought, they invited everyone, decided on the restaurant, the organizers of the holiday were invited, the wedding motorcade was ordered. There is a whole week left, and you do not know how to use it really? But you stayed in the disorder. So proceed to improve your type and well -being – there will be plenty of a week. Look at yourself in the mirror. I noticed a place where there is a little superfluous, but you just need a dress to sit on you like a glove? Start losing weight, but do not particularly get carried away – so you can lose the wedding outfit at the most crucial moment. Refuse flour products, eat more fruits and vegetables. You can eat dairy products and chicken (but not fried), but do not forget and pamper yourself with your favorite sweets. Study for your handles. All week, make nutritious and moisturizing baths and masks so that your fingers on the wedding day are the most tender. Then your future husband will be able to enjoy the moment when he puts on the ring on the beautiful finger of his bride. For this week, forget about varnishes, foams and gels for hair styling – let them relax. Use nutritional and moisturizing, or, in extreme cases, restoring hair masks. This will make your future hairstyle with a chic diadem unique and attractive.                                                                                                                                                           Choose makeup for a wedding celebration. It is better not to show imagination, and not invent something exciting to attract special attention. You will have plenty of it, because everyone at the wedding is waiting for the appearance of the bride. Pick up what suits you most and is simple to execute. 2-3 days before the holiday, do your legs massage. Make a pedicure, paint your nails with the same varnish as in your hands, or draw something suitable. This will provide you with endurance throughout the holiday and just a beautiful view. On the penultimate day, use a body and face scrub. After applying to the skin of the face that feeds or moisturizes the mask. Do not forget about the neckline, which also needs care in the form of special masks. After all, it is necessary that at the holiday you are simply irresistible in an open -type wedding dress and fantastic wedding accessories. Be sure to make a manicure. Paint the nails with varnish corresponding to style to along. Apply a protective varnish for a more persistent color. On the last day, take a rest, take a haste, take a walk, read the book. In the end, watch a movie or talk with mom or girlfriend. With the onset of the next day, you will become a bride – happy, most beautiful and unforgettable!

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