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Pregnancy choose a bra

by womenbabe

During pregnancy, significant changes in the whole organism occur. A woman needs a special clothing in which she will feel the most comfortable. The article is devoted to the choice of a bra for a pregnant woman.

You need to choose beautiful women’s bras closer to the end of the third month of pregnancy. By this period, the chest becomes the size that will remain before the birth itself. It is not recommended to make a purchase before, because you can not predict how much the breast will increase.

The best choice during pregnancy will be products made of natural fabric – flax, silk, cotton. Foam and synthetics, despite the giving breasts of the desired shape and volume, will not allow the skin to breathe.

Throughout pregnancy, it is better to wear models without the so -called bones that squeeze the chest and it is in a physiologically unprotected position. Models with bones can be worn only on a short period of time.

With breast augmentation, its weight increases. This can turn into stretch marks and sagging breasts. Use a bra with wide straps, which evenly distribute the load and support the chest in the required position. The wrong size will be discomfort, and leave traces from the details of the bra.

It is very important when choosing a bra during pregnancy is the comfort of the future mother and the beauty of the product, because often the confidence of a woman and her sexuality lies in beautiful underwear.

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