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What is it fashion?

by womenbabe

Fashion is a style. The style in clothes, in makeup, in etiquette, in everything … This is an individuality of each person. Fashion translated from Latin “Order, order, rule”. If you compare the translated with the translation, it really turns out that fashion is a person’s individuality in everything. “Fashion” originated in France, in the 17th century, the reason for this was the style of the clothes of the aristocracy, which served as an example to follow in all countries of Europe.

In general opinion, it is generally believed that only successful and wealthy people dress in fashion, thus showing their belonging to a higher social layer that follow the rule – they meet their clothes. And there is nothing wrong with this, this is a normal human need, it is good to look and boast of it before others. After all, this desire produced the creation of “fashion”. Many girls and women think that in order to be fashionable you need to spend a lot of money and continuously monitor the latest news from the catwalks. In fact, everything is much easier. There is a thing that everything old and forgotten returns and this is true. Remember when the “boats” came out of fashion, everyone thought that it was forever and only people who create the very fashion, they said the opposite, reports

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