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Why are compression tights needed

by womenbabe

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, most often associated with the “sitting” work, as well as the opposite situation, when the girl is on her feet all day, varicose veins are formed. Varicose veins – difficulty in the venous outflow of blood, which leads to a feeling of fatigue in the muscles, as well as to edema of the legs by the end of the day. This disease often occurs when using hormonal drugs and has half of working women living in cities.

In order to cope with such a situation, compression tights were invented the price of which is available to everyone. They are made of special material that supports the skin in tone and simplifies blood flow. Thanks to special materials, the skin breathes freely through such tights, and the legs get tired less. Compression clothing provides uniform pressure on soft tissues and reduces the lumen of the veins hated by many. Such linen gets its properties due to the special interweaving of threads in the fabric.

Wearing compression tights is sometimes prescribed by a doctor as a means of treating and prevention of varicose diseases. If in the evening it becomes noticeable how the legs swell, and the veins are very shining through the skin, then you should consult a doctor. Violation of blood circulation can bring to serious problems, including vascular thrombims. And so that there are no such problems, compression tights will help not to bring the situation to a critical state. There is a great risk of varicose veins in those who like to sit by throwing their foot on the leg, that is, four girls out of five girls.

Compression products are usually sold in pharmacies and specialized departments with health goods. It is better to bypass unverified outlets – there is a risk of running into a fake and spend money in vain. Correctly selected tights, marked with the degree of pressure in millimeters of a mercury pillar, will help get rid of serious problems with legs and vessels.

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