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Why do you need a wedding photo book?

by womenbabe

Wedding photo book is a relatively new service offered by wedding operators and photographers. Such a photo book is much more expensive than a conventional photo album, and not everyone wants to spend additional funds, considering the photo book with excessive luxury, but this subject still has their distinguishing features and their advantages.

As a rule, now photographers offer three types of wedding photo books: it can be a wedding photo book containing photos of the largest size. They are performed on a special dense photo paper that glue in one album. Examples of such a wedding photo book can show any professional photographer. Distinctive features of paper for such a photo book are a special composition of paper, so that sheets do not stick together.

Another possible option is a photo brush. The image from photographs for this type of photo book is transferred using professional photo printing systems on printing paper. Such a wedding photo book-Print-a-atte will be much cheaper, since the photos are located on both sides of the sheet, respectively, in such a photo brush will fit twice as many wedding photos.

If the newlyweds want the memory of a bright wedding day to be preserved not only on electronic media, but also on a high -quality photo paper that will not lose quality after decades, photographers can offer a third and most expensive option for a wedding photo book. This is a photo book that does not consist of sheets of photo paper, but of special plastic. As a rule, photographers themselves make such plastic, and all of it differs slightly in quality and properties.

This is a special pride of not only photographers, but also newlyweds, since this option always looks more solid, and the photos in it are colorful and bright.

However, all three types of wedding photo books look very beautiful. Especially if they are not comprehended by the fate of ordinary photo albums that are hidden deep in the table box, but are exhibited in a prominent place. It is worth ordering a wedding photo book not only because of this, but also because the photos do not fade over time and do not deteriorate that they are often touched by their hands or exposed to light. It is better to spend money on a high -quality wedding photo book than for photography – and the memory of the wedding will be stored in the photo book for a very long time.

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