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Why the baby cries?

by womenbabe

As soon as the baby was born, he declares himself a loud cry.   The very first crying causes us a storm of emotions: tenderness, joy, happiness – “My baby was born!”. But why in the future we begin to frighten us, often annoy, crying of our child? After all, the child has not yet learned to “communicate” yet. So, parents, we will have patience and of course self -confidence, without you the baby will not cope! Listen to yourself, your inner voice will tell you when to start worrying.

These are the main reasons for the crying:

-Wet diapers? It is worth checking, maybe it’s time to change linen?

– The tummy fell ill? Your baby is tormented by soda, more often after feeding. Turn the baby on the tummy, put on the back, the Internet magazine reports

-It became hot? In infants, the thermoregulation system is still only debugging, so more often check if the baby sweat? Choose your clothes easier and do not smoke hard.

-It became lonely? Maybe he just wants to hear your voice, feel your hands? Hug the baby, sing a song.

The baby needs to feel that they love him, he is not alone, that mother is always there and help at any moment. Raise your children in love, patience and understanding!

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