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10 tips how to remove the stomach after childbirth ”1

by womenbabe

Take your time you need time. Even if it seems that TV stars drop kilograms after childbirth in just a week, in reality everything does not happen so quickly and easily. Your body has gone through serious changes over the past nine months, do not think that everything will return at once. 2.      Breastfeeding if for you and your baby it is possible – fine. After all, breastfeeding helps to return weight to the original parameters (you can burn up to 500 calories daily). 3.      Move, check with your doctor when, after the birth of a child, you can again do physical exercises. When such a moment comes – start with small, for example, walking or sign up for aerobics. Try to allocate for this at least 30 minutes at least three times a week. 4.      Eat in small portions, but often if you wait until you finally get hungry. You most likely eat a lot of calories. Avoid overeating and getting used to eating in small portions from five to six times a day. 5.      Correctly snack, replace the sweet snacks with fruits to satisfy the thirst for sweets. Prepare washed and cut fruits and vegetables in advance so that they can be quickly and easy to use. Try frozen grapes or apple as an alternative to an ice cream. Remove all fat snacks, chips and everything else from the cabinets for products. If they are not there, you don’t eat them. 6.      Think in advance it will be difficult to cook when you have a small child. Try to cook on Sunday for a week, then divide the cooked dish into separate portions and freeze them. Ask your relatives to help you at first. Just as an option, prepare a place for a child in the kitchen – so you will be seated together, and the baby will learn to family affairs. 7.      Lie up on fiber for as long as possible use foods rich in fiber, such as oatmeal, vegetables and fruits. Choose bread with a content of at least three grams of fiber per piece, use whole grains and brown rice. 8.      Eat light protein replace fatty meat with light, lean, such as chicken and fish. The salmon is an excellent supplier of omega-3 fatty acids that help the body in inflammatory processes and weight loss. 9.      Drink a lot of water water like oil that helps the wheels smoothly move. Hydration is simply necessary for weight loss. After all, the liquid helps digestion and muffles the appetite. If when you press your skin, a dimple remains on it, which does not pass for a long time, you may have dehydration. Try to drink up to 8 cups of water per day. 10.    Find help ask your family for help. It can consist in cleaning all unhealthy products, and in the search for a specialist in proper nutrition, which will make you a personal dietary plan. Let your stalls look after the child while you walk or sleep (you do not need to underestimate the strength of the healing sleep). And make sure that you are given emotional support that you need so hard for you. After all, sadness always wants to eat with something tasty.

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