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What to take into account when the child’s fees to school

by womenbabe

By the end of summer in families where there are preschoolers, the purchase season begins. Armed with a list of necessary things, mothers and dads are sent on shopping and school fair.

But before going for purchases necessary for the school, you need to decide on the choice of school. To decide on the choice of the Moscow school, you need to read the reviews of the parents or talk to them personally.

At one of the first places in the list are satchels and backpacks. If your child is a primary school student, then it is advisable to give preference to give a satchel with an orthopedic back. This type of school bag is worn on the shoulders, which means that the load on the spine is distributed evenly. Pay attention to the straps – they should be wide. Narrow straps will crash into the child’s body, causing pain and discomfort. Backpacks are designed for children of senior school age. They have no hard back and more sizes are larger. Do not miss such an important detail as reflective elements on a backpack. Their presence will allow drivers to notice a student passing by.

The diary is also a leader in the list of accessories for study. In many schools, diaries order the same for all students. But if there is no such rule in your school, then you buy a diary yourself. Choose a diary with a dense cover, standard sizes. Immediately select the cover for the diary. The diary should be made of quality paper, and the brackets with which the sheets and the cover are connected are strong.

When choosing notebooks, first of all, pay attention not to their colorful design, but to the quality of the paper. Sheets should be from offset or scribbled paper and no way from newspaper. The color of the leaves is purely white or milk, without different interspersed.

Pay special attention to the choice of pens. Ballic handles with rubberized fingers are recommended. These inserts help to avoid a handle slip. The handle should not be thick or too thin. It is extremely inconsistent to give a child a handle with buttons, key chains, feathers to school. These elements will distract the student from classes.

When compiling a list of stationery, do not forget to add covers for notebooks and textbooks, colored pencils, ruler, eraser, album. When choosing all these school supplies, the main thing is that they are made of high -quality and environmentally friendly materials. Child health is above all.

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