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Female fear “What if they do not love me?”

by womenbabe

Such fears often appear in women who are not confident in themselves, who are complex because of their appearance or nuances of the figure! And the beginning of these complexes comes from childhood, according to psychologists. Most likely, such little girls lacked parental love and care!

They wanted to please parents more and more, but their efforts did not bring the desired result. And the girl began to feel even more infringed and unhappy. The girl grew up, but she always kept these fears in herself and lived with them! And they will pursue her until she herself begins to appreciate herself and loves! How others can love her if she does not value herself as a person and as a woman?

There you can see how men look at you and what new friends think of you. It is guaranteed to get a lot of compliments and make sure that your fears were categorically groundless. Perhaps even after the first trip to Krasnaya Polyana you can forever get rid of all your complexes.

If this does not help, then urgently you need to start working on your self -esteem! There are a lot of books on this topic, trainings! And also no one has canceled psychologists yet! One has only to work hard and find a specialist who will help to solve this problem and save you forever from complexes and self -doubt!

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