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When a man matures for a wedding?

by womenbabe

Wedding is the dream of every woman that she begins to plan from a young age. It so happened that the main task of the girl is to get married, create a family, give birth to children … Today, these priorities have changed little, and the family comes to the fore.

Surely everyone thought about the family. And men and women worry this question equally, with the only difference, the girls tend to think about it earlier. This thought visits a strong part of humanity with their transformation into real men.

According to physiologists, boys, unlike girls, develop more slowly. This is the explanation that the husband is often older than his wife in marriage. It is traditionally considered to be an ideal couple where the age difference between partners is five years, and the man must be older.

After the first date, the girls tend to dream of a wedding, plan a further life together, children, a house and its situation … Ladies are going through options for how their beloved makes them an offer. In men, everything is different, even being in a relationship that would completely suit them, they are in no hurry with the wedding.

About those who are in no hurry with marriage, often they say: “have not yet been a walk,” or “overwhelming”. Men are convinced that before switching to a new level, you need to stand steadily on his feet so that his chosen one, and in the future, the children do not need anything. After all, it is the husband who should be a minister in the family, the woman can only keep the hearth.

In the modern world, everything looks something like this: a man must provide his family, while a woman can be a housewife or work for herself, and spend her salary on her own needs. Especially such a alignment is excellent when the woman goes on maternity leave, while the family will not limit himself in something, because the income that a man brings can cover all expenses.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the man will think about the wedding by receiving higher education, having gone through the army, getting to work, which brings stable and high income, having a car and housing, or the ability to rent it for rent. This formation occurs on average by 27 years. So, at this age, he can consciously get a family. No need to look for shortcomings in yourself if the guy does not make an offer. Perhaps time has not come yet and he cannot yet offer you what he wanted. Although if all the benefits are, but the offer should not, it may need to reconsider the relationship and switch to a person who will appreciate you. This can be seen by trifles, expensive gifts are not required here … Usually this is building plans and acquaintance with loved ones.

After the wedding, the couple usually appears in the firstborn and here they need everything that is connected with small children. For transportation, strollers for newborns will help a lot, which help young mom and dad at first. It is advisable to take care of such a stroller in advance and purchase it before the birth of a child.

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