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10 trends that will like prints to you

by womenbabe

Designers simply fell in love with prints, starting from abstract flowers to deep tribal patterns. But while outfits with bright prints dictate fashion news, we still return to cute floral patterns and understandable graphic drawings. Prints vary from bright tones (green, blue, pink) to mundane shades. If you doubt it to spend money on prints from which you will soon be tired, just buy a bag or shoes with a fashionable pattern.

Pink. Manifests itself in various shades from rosy to fuchsia color. This is a trend that has been easily sold for many years. After all, there is nothing easier than adding a lipstick to the pink thing, the women’s magazine reports

Seventies. From blouses in the style of a peasant woman to hats with flexible edges – fashion has absorbed the spirit of the seventies. But there is no need to hit the hippie style to catch new trends. Just a little retro in your image is enough-change the usual jeans-pipe jeans to wider and you are dressed again on the novelty.  

Bright fit dresses. Designers returned a feminine image using lush skirts and fitted silhouettes. This season, such dresses will appear in any incarnation, from dresses for a party and to the image of a business lady. This is the perfect way to create the illusion of a narrow waist.  

Minimalism. From bold dresses to sullen tones. Modern minimalism allows in the image a certain feminist (stacked hair, beautiful makeup, a little accessories) along with cheapline silhouettes.

Wide pants. Wide jeans and trousers were chosen by many designers. Ideally, wide trousers will create a modern elegant image.

Mix Prints. This is not news, but in the season when the print is the Must Have category, the combination of strange patterns is not surprising. The easiest way to choose different prints correctly, it is to choose patterns with a similar theme (color, pattern) or with many contrasts (dots and lines). A rather complicated image, but in order to facilitate the works of fashionistas, the designers invented mirror prints, then the display of one pattern is, as it were, from the inside to another thing.

Black belts. Give a bright contrast to the image. Variations are acceptable for decorating lovely dresses.

The elongated edges of the clothes. From dramatic outfits to the floor to the length of midi, elongated edges of clothes became a novelty of this season. For many, you may need time to get used to the new length, but everything is fixable if you have suitable shoes. But remember that in such outfits everything is visually increasing, and you can look awkward.  

Bright colors. This trend is very easy to enter into your wardrobe. Just take different bright things and connect them. Dress a blue blue shirt with a bright pink skirt. Try to combine simple colors, like black and white or complex, crazy majority, like green and purple.

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