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How to raise a person in a child

by womenbabe

To raise a child, you need to attach a continuous and very difficult work. Having two sons and a daughter, I am constantly looking for information on how to raise them correctly, so that they would become outstanding, independent and purposeful. Everyone knows that the child is studying on someone else’s example. And if the parents say to the children: “wash their hands before meals”, but, but they do not do it. Then of course they will not do this over time either. Which accompanies the conflict in education. That is, there is no compliance of the actual and required. But you also do not have to wait for your child like you. Or, what is not right, as you want it.

Education you should help your child become yourself. Do not wait for some kind of fee, because you gave them life, and they should thank you for it. After all, think about the fact that they can give life to another, and those third and t. D. Never take your grievances on children. Take its problems as your. Never humiliate them. If you can do anything for your child, then do it, otherwise you will be tormented later, if you do not do it. Love and respect not only your children, but also strangers. Love your child as he is, transfers

If in a “good” family, then good, and if in “bad”, then bad. But there is no definition of the exact “bad” and “good” family. The role of the family in the upbringing and development of children is an important factor. After all, this is what remains in our memories? Father’s house, events – pleasant and unique. The atmosphere itself in the house affects the formation of the personality of the man, and leaves a certain imprint on his development. Any child needs a warm attitude towards him, but it should not be overly huge. Otherwise, being an adult, he will be so attached to parents that he will not be able to live independently.

Parents often give their children assessments, either he is so good or bad. And we do it so often, and allow others to evaluate our children. And the child gets used to other people’s opinion to such an extent that he no longer has his opinion. And it will no longer be able to form a person, and he will not become independent. He will always depend on others. So think more about children than about yourself.

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