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How to occupy yourself or how to become beautiful

by womenbabe

Easy to say: play sports and you will be healthy and beautiful. And if the work is sedentary and in the evening you often want to sit down or lie down, and on the weekend you prefer to watch your favorite movie or read a booking book? Meanwhile, problems from such a lifestyle already make themselves felt. Of course, it would be possible to go in for sports, as well -wishers advise, but such a prospect is more likely depressing than inspires.

You are familiar with this situation? If so, don’t worry. There is always a way out! Just approach the solution of this issue from the other side. Namely: as puzzles by pieces, we will add a picture of a mobile life from individual details.   To do this, you can use the following tips:

1) Movement should always be a joy. Trying different options, dwell on those that you like. Or it is worth buying 3D puzzles and spending evenings in a friendly company, collecting them.

2) Study the Internet for gymnastics at home. It is better if such a video goes to the music, it is always more fun with it. Suitable, for example, rhythmic gymnastics. We list the advantages of such classes: you can stop the video at any time, you can take the piece you like and repeat it several times a day or a week, no one will see you (if you are shy). So that there is no breakdown of the usual way, you can start with classes for 5 minutes. 2 times per week. The main thing is to be!

3) Let not systematically, but at least from case to case, do not refuse to play badminton, ski or bicycle.

4) If, having heard funny music, you want to dance, do not resist your desire, dance, even if it is a couple of movements.

5) Pay attention to hiking. Combine them with something pleasant. For example, walk with friends in good weather in a picturesque place or in solitude, listening to music.

Start small, gradually gaining momentum, filling your life with a movement. Movement in your life should enter harmoniously without violating your familiar way, but complementing it.

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