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How to make a pedicure at home

by womenbabe

The modern pace of life dictates its conditions. Most of the representatives of the weaker sex, as a rule, take most of the time to work, family and household chores. Sometimes a trip to the salon turns into an unattainable luxury. But everything should be fine in a woman: from the crown to the tips of the fingers on her feet. On the latter I want to focus on. To become the owner of impeccable soft heels and well -groomed nails on the legs, it is not necessary to visit the salon. You can make pedicures perfectly at home. We will talk about this in detail.

Removing varnish

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to remove the varnish coating. Varnish needs to be wiped only from dry nails, and only with special means. In no case do not use technical acetone.

Water procedures

When the varnish is removed, we move on to water procedures. Preparing a bath for legs is quite simple. To do this, we need 2 tablespoons of salt, the same number of baking soda and a few drops of ammonia alcohol. Water should be warm enough. When the composition is ready, immerse our legs and sit for about 20 minutes. As you cool, you can add hot water. After laying out, dead skin cells are clearly visible. A piece of pumice or a special brush is suitable for their removal. Having alternately removes one or the other leg thoroughly rub the heels. Repeat the procedure several times. As a result, you should see a pink, smooth surface of the skin. As an addition, you can use a footbear scrub.


We go to the nails. The cuticle around the nail should never be cut. Otherwise, the perioline fate can become inflamed. It needs to be gently moved. To do this, you can use a special metal spatula, or you can do with a wooden stick. We carefully process each nails. You need to cut the nails only on straight lines. Otherwise, growing up, they will begin to grow into the skin. To file nails use a fine -grained file. With its help, you will prevent the stratification of the nail plate.

After the process is over, be sure to apply a moisturizer to your feet. Slowly massage each part of the foot. Except that you moisturize the skin, get a lot of pleasure.

Now you can start applying varnish. Use only high -quality coating. These varnishes do not include aggressive components, they are vitaminized and contribute to the growth and strengthening of nails.

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