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6 things that cannot be put on work

by womenbabe

1. Error #1 – short skirts

Error #1 is too short skirts or dresses. Even if you look just stunning in short skirts, save mini for evening dates or other cases outside. And girls of short stature with short skirts generally need to be extremely neat, because such a style can turn them into a little girl or into a not -so -right girl, and this is better to avoid in a business style, especially if a woman wants to be treated from all over seriousness.  

2. Error #2 – deep neckline

Error #2 is an open neckline. Even Hilary Clinton, who gives more preference to business/formal trouser suits, not sexy tops, listened to a lot of criticism from commentators about the ajar décolleté during a performance in the Senate in 2008. So, lovely ladies, remember that this is too sexual outfit for the office and it is better to fall on not working reasons.

3. Error #3 – high heels – hairpins

Error #3 This is high-heeled shoes-spilles. As long as high shoes are still suitable for office style, and girls of short stature adore them for additional centimeters in height, when the heels are too high, this is regarded as the top of sexuality.   Another argument is that high heels-spilles are terribly inconvenient for socks throughout the whole working day.   The best option for the office is varnish shoes with a heel, on which you can go out the whole working day.  

4. Error #4 – Distributing attention of jewelry

Error #4 is jewelry distracting attention. Huge rings or carriers, a bunch of massive ringing bracelets, heavy necklaces and necklaces and rings on each finger-all this greatly distracts the attention of other employees. Whereas a cheerful ringing and trustering of bracelets may look funny at a party and on a walk, the principle is less – it works better for an office style.

5. Error #5 – Jeans

Error #5 to put on jeans to work. Although jeans can be worn by dress code constantly or only on Fridays in some offices, they are not quite suitable for a business/official style, because the workplace involves more work than leisure.   If your employer allows you to wear jeans in the office, still choose the dark color of trousers not only because it slows women, but also makes us visually higher. Dark jeans also give a neat appearance that is always good for business.

6. Error #6 – slippers

Error #6 is slippers. No matter how comfortable you are in slippers and no matter how hot it was on the street, slippers are more suitable for relaxation, walks, etc. D. The only case when you can still afford to put on slippers at work is if you work on the beach.   

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