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8 things that have no place in the bedroom

by womenbabe

The bedroom is a room that requires and deserves more attention from us. Here we relax, relax, feel good, read, enjoy silence, pray… Therefore, so that everything is as it should be, it is necessary to comply with some rules.

1. There should always be a wall behind the bed, not space or door. Thus, we will always have, then a unique feeling of peace and security.

2. The second is a very important thing, you need to keep in mind that electronic or electrical devices should not be located next to the head. If possible, the bedroom should be freed from the so -called"Electro – smog"completely unhealthy!

3. Computer, laptop and all other devices that bring us closer to work, there is no place in the bedroom! If you have a lack of space in the house, and you are forced to store them here, “hide” them away. 4. The training of Feng Shui advises to choose light, warm tones, delicate and pastel for the bedroom. But one thing can be said for sure: these colors can be distinguished only in daylight. In other words, if we love darker colors, we can use them for the bedroom, because in the dark, they are not tedious.

5. In any other room, it is not so important to avoid artificial flavors and chemicals as in the bedroom. In their place it is recommended to use organic products such as lavender or jasmine oil.

6. Metal bed gives the bedroom romantic attractiveness. But we must think, if the metal, the material on which we want to sleep 7-8 hours a day. As some experts say, these beds can attract electromagnetic fields. Even when it comes to mirrors in the bedroom, opinions are contradictory. They should not occupy the central place in this room.

7. Old objects, whether shelves with books, paintings of abstract painting, if they are not combined harmoniously with the rest of the interior or convey to us a state of anxiety, should not be in the bedroom.

8. When equipping the bedroom, it is recommended to give free rein to the imagination and get out of boring standards: two bedside tables, a wardrobe and a bed in the center. New generation furniture allows us to use any corner in the room useful and attractive to us.

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