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Body changes during pregnancy

by womenbabe

Changes associated with pregnancy are characteristic of every woman. Changes occur not only at the hormonal level. There are changes in the uterus, at the level of the vagina. Modifications are inherent in chest glands, skin and adipose tissue.

With body weight, the functioning of the heart, blood circulation, kidneys intensifies.

What important points should you pay attention to

A large role is assigned to the uterus, as it covers the embryo. Indeed, with the help of muscle contractions, after 9 months during the birth, the uterus will need to expel the fetus. At the vaginal level there is an increase in muscle fibers, therefore, the uterus increases during pregnancy. The vaginal channel is expanded, which helps the child be born.

A pregnant woman must follow blood pressure, since the heart is under additional load. If it is increased, an alarming sign, transfers

It is important to note that by the end of pregnancy when walking it becomes difficult to breathe, shortness of breath appears. Breathing is difficult, since the uterus pushes up the diaphragm, which knocks down the amplitude of the movements of the lung.

Any expectant mother is obliged to visit a gynecologist, monitor her changes in her body. To be healthy means to give birth to a strong and healthy baby.

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