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Chinese rice will extend your life

by womenbabe

Black rice, as the Chinese say, is very useful, it slows down aging, reduces the risk of oncological inflammation, and treats cardiovascular diseases. The inhabitants of China are convinced that it is black rice, saturated with antioxidants who best help in the fight against diseases. Antioxidants help to fight the effects of identity oxygen, due to which the body is aging. Black rice is very popular in China, it is believed that this variety of rice can eliminate premature pavement. To check this, at the University of Hong Kong they conducted experience on fruit flies, which were fed with antioxidants contained in black rice, during the study, the link of insect life increased from forty -four to fifty days. In ancient times, black rice was prohibited, since only high -ranking and rich people of the Chinese nation had the right to use it, ordinary people were forbidden to eat it. This rice is very similar to the seeds of sunflower, in our time I make a lot of delicious dishes from it, especially with the sea products. Now on the shelves of China black rice is full, and is available for everyone who wants to live for another ten years, and protect themselves from diseases. Black rice, miracle of the eastern valley.

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