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Classification of beads what option to choose

by womenbabe

Beads are objects that have a hole so that you can string a wire or thread. The size of the smallest beads does not exceed one millimeter. And the diameter of the largest beads can reach one centimeter, or even several.

The material from which the beads are made can be the most diverse. The most popular type of material is glass, after this type there are: fiber beads, plastic, stone, rubber, shells and other material.

Historical reference

Beads began to engage in more than 100,000 years ago, amazing, but this is really the case. At that time, as a material for beads were shells of mollusks. After which glass -watering developed in Phoenicia, so that glasses made of glass appeared. To this day, leading manufacturers of beads, is Japan, the Czech Republic. In Russia, Taiwanese and Czech products are common.

Biser characteristics

Types of beads are divided into:

Ordinary beads

Charlot, in another, this species is called Bagem beads



A little later we will talk about these types in more detail and deployed.

A few interesting facts about Bisser

1. In general, there is, order, eight bead numbers. But, nevertheless, beads under numbers are more popular: 11, 10, 9, 8 and 6. You can buy such beads in online stores.

2. Since beads can be glass or plastic, it can be assumed that beads can be separated by optical properties:



3. Various paintings, embroidery are created from beads, therefore, in terms of color, beads can be diverse, and so, there are about 200 range of colors. To learn all this, first you need to visit everything for beadwork store and buy the necessary materials.

4. It is customary to divide the beads according to the effects that are included in the coloring of beads:


With an attractive brilliance.

With gasoline brilliance.

Matte effect.

Metal coloring.

As promised earlier, in more detail about each form of beads:

LOSK – one of the modifications of ordinary, spherical beads. In this form of beads, you can notice a special shape – in the form of elongated tubes. The length of the tubes is not very large, approximately 2 or 3 millimeters. In the wheelhouse, there is also a hole for stringing the fishing line or thread.

Colling can be of two types:

Non -hot


Charlot is also beads, but more beautiful and brilliant. The fact is that beads of this type, made of special material than ordinary beads. Charlot bead covering a greater refractiveness of light, hence that such beads look like a diamond or pearl.

Glassry – the same type as the “cabin”, that is, is also elongated, short tubes. But the types of glass of the glass, compared with the “cut” predominate variety:

With faces.

Smooth beads.

With faces, but only with a twisted look.

The “glass” has only 5 rooms, but the “glass” is especially popular about 7 millimeters long.

Embroidery with beads

To embroider a picture from beads, professionals of this case are usually used by beads under number 10. But in order to accurately decide on beads, you need to take into account the size of your canvas, for each bead number, there must be its own canvas. Usually, to create paintings, use beads with matte coloring, since such beads have a distinct color, which will make the picture more colorful. Visit an online store for the creativity of Samara Lelekahob. , to buy the beads you need.

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