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Classification of sofas for the living room how to choose

by womenbabe

The subject that makes the living room of a real living room is the sofa. It is he who has a family vacation, comfortable watching TV, sometimes also an additional sleeping place.

More recently, all the sofas that could be bought in stores were the same type. But today the choice is extremely huge. This piece of furniture differs not only in the colors and texture of the upholstery, but also with the transformation mechanism, form (straight and angular), purpose, etc. D. In many online stores, for example, here Elegia-Mebel. sofas are presented in a wide assortment and, sometimes, it is quite difficult to choose the necessary.

By purpose, all sofas are conditionally divided into office and home. It is assumed that the sofas for the house are all suitable as a sleeping place. However, some mechanisms are still not intended for daily layering and can rather play the role of an additional sleeping place for guests.

It is worth separately highlighting sofas for children’s rooms, the main criterion of which is safety. As a rule, they have smaller dimensions and funny, bright colors.

According to the mechanism of transformation of the sofa, there are:

• book;

• Eurobroenzhka;

• Motor;

• Sofa;

• sofa click-click;

• accordion;

• sofa dolphin;

• Takhta;

• not folding sofas.

If the sofa is located in parallel to the walls, it is more convenient to use the double sofas “Click-Klyak”, or “Book”. To decompose such sofas, you will need to raise the seat to the click, and then lower it. However, there is some inconvenience in such sofas – the need to push it away from the wall before laying out.

The advanced version of the previous two mechanisms is the “Eurobroist”. To lay out such a sofa, it is enough to put forward the seat on yourself, then the back will meet the vacant place.

Many find the roll -out mechanisms of sofas that are laid out by the means of extending the lower supporting part with the legs and laying the back on it. It seems that the “cot” works, the only difference is that the back is laid on the retractable part, but one of the halves of the seat.

The best mechanism today is considered to be the Dolphin sofa. To decompose such a sofa, the lower part goes up and forward, becoming one level with a seat.

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