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Cloaks are always in fashion

by womenbabe

A cloak is not only one of the most popular inventions of this industry, it is a wardrobe item in which femininity and practicality perfectly harmonize. With the approximation of autumn – the pores of rains, winds and falling leaves, perhaps not a single girl will refuse to wear an elegant cloak.

Taking into account the variety of designer new products and trendy models, the increase in demand for women’s raincoats in the future 2013 does not surprise. And to find inexpensive women’s raincoats is fashionable to find here in the online store of women’s clothing.

Trends in the new autumn-winter season

Of course, you should start a conversation with the most relevant styles – classic. Both straight raincoats and models that make a noticeable emphasis on the waist are presented to your attention. Such raincoats look quite stylish and will be perfectly combined, for example, with a fairly high -heeled boots. Such an outfit will make any girl a little slimmer and higher.

Ladies who prefer business style will like models close to the male style. For example, a Makintosh cloak is inquiringly in harmony with classic costumes. Girls and women who like to be in the spotlight will opt for cloak models, which are noticeably different from the usual styles.

Actual length

The reason for the popularity of classical length to the middle of the knee is its versatility. This cloak familiar to everyone will look successful not only with trousers, but also with a skirt, in addition, it will also protect from the autumn wind. Nevertheless, on fashion shows, the models of cloaks in the floor are presented.

Leather raincoats

Fashion for leather things could not go around the raincoats. Designers gladly presented to the public and models of leather cloaks. Unusually catchy, sometimes causing and stylish models dares to dress not every girl, but only a true connoisseur.

Fashionable color

In autumn-winter collections, designers rarely use bright, catchy colors. Your choice should fall either on deep dark colors or on pastel colors. The fashionable detail of this season is prints.

It is obvious that this fall you can’t do without a cloak.

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