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Crochet basics

by womenbabe

In the last article, we talked about the types of knitting. Now let’s talk more specifically about crochet. Rather, about its basics and types of loops. You look at the crocheted product and it seems so difficult! But in fact, all schemes and patterns are combinations of the main loops. You just need to learn to perform several basic loops crochet and everything will not seem so difficult.

In this article you can download the book on knitting:

Susie Jones “Crochet for beginners”.

Cm. At the end of the article.

Types of the main loops in crochet

And there are not so many of them: an air loop, a semi -stab, a crochet column, crochet stubble and stoblik with 2 and 3 crochet. To immediately see how they are designated in knitting, you can look at the drawings. I took them from my beloved magazine with patterns of crochet. It is also written here how to knit them. Well, first of all, let’s see where to start. And you need to start with in the oozing loops. It is very simple. The figure below shows how to hold the hook. I took illustrations from Susie Jones’s book “Crochet for Beginners” (you can download it right here on this page below). She helped me a lot in the first stages of self -learning knitting. Make a knot on the hook and knit air loops

Then the second most complex type of loops – a column without a crochet. We always knit on the right to the left. If you are not left -handed, of course. Then – on the contrary. Nakid column – simple stretching of the working thread through the next loop in the canvas.

The next column, you have already seen it in the figure – semi -column. It differs from the previous one in that, before introducing the hook into the loop, we throw a working thread on it, then we insert it into the canvas, capture the working thread by the hook itself and pull it out of the canvas. Then we will have two loops on the hook, which we knit in one dose.

Now a crochet column. You can logically see the difference between a half -stolch from a column. The semi -column is knitting like – would not be completely. When we have three loops on the hook (the previous one, the crochet and the one that we pulled out), we knit them together. And, in the case of the column, we first knit the first two (after which we still have two on the hook), and then two more, getting a full column.

Well, by analogy, a column with two and three crochet. Actually, crochet can be made as much as you like and how much is needed for the pattern. We knit two loops on the hook as many times as times we put the working thread on the hook before entering it into the canvas.

Well, something like that. If you look at the patterns of patterns, you will see that all loops are based on these main components. For example, a lush column is a combination of a column without a crochet and stretching of threads to the desired length. Petals – these are columns with a different number of crochet, knitted at one point. And all embossed knitting is built on columns knitted in the near, or far loop of the canvas. Therefore, if you are not yet familiar with this beautiful type of needlework, start with the main one and improve gradually. In the next article we will connect a summer hat in the style of the 30s.

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