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Dependence on independence or independent dependence

by womenbabe

Living in the world of illusions, many of us become dependent on a person, things or circumstances. Is it bad to have a dependence?

Dependence of the dependence. Although in any dependence by definition there can be nothing good, not all dependencies are equally dangerous. For example, if you have a dependence on the furniture so much that you literally buy all the furniture in Berdsk, this dependence, although it hits a pocket, does not harm the psyche (if it harms, it is slightly). Much worse when there is a dependence on a particular person or on relationships.

What is dependence?

The emotional dependence of one person (in a relationship) on another is a mechanism that, destroying a person from the inside, gives out the desired illusion (happiness, love, etc. D.) for reality.

What is the dependence?

In general, the dependence is manifested, as a result, in the imbalance of the relationship. Since, in normal relationships, everything should be harmonious and, so to speak, any imbalance on one or the other side – these are the first bells of dependence. The dependent person constantly has an internal struggle and external and internal conflicts when satisfying the necessary needs and the possible desires of his partner. Simply speaking, the dependent partner makes sacrifices for the sake of his second half, even contrary to his inner desires or even in some kind of common sense.

What is dangerous dependence?

Sooner or later, this condition begins to destroy health (psychological) and seriously touch the feeling of personal dignity. In addition to constant associated discomfort, there may be a threat of well -being of relations or even lead to the complete destruction of the life of the dependent.

Is it possible to get rid of emotional dependence?

Salvation of drowning – the work of the hands of the drowning. So in this case. If you began to realize the addiction, then you can fight it. This can be done both independently and with the help of psychologists who will not only help to deal with the current situations, but also determine the root cause, protecting you from a repetition of the situation.

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