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Diet in Spanish

by womenbabe

Two weeks of the Spanish diet will provide you with smooth weight loss, about 3-4 kg per week.  Only plant foods and seafood will prevail in the diet. A small amount of vegetable oil is allowed.

Alcohol (exception, a small amount of dry wine), sugar, sweet, chocolate, flour will have to be completely excluded (exception. As well as fried, fat, marinades and salinity.   It is also necessary to drink 1, 5 – 2 liters of non -carbonated water between food meals.

Below is an approximate menu for one day of the Spanish diet. On it you can roughly form a diet for the next days, and most importantly, you can cook it yourself and with ease. Do not be afraid of the name of the diet and the listed products are not everything as scary as it seems. Moreover, all these products can easily be found in the nearest supermarket.  In the morning we drink one glass of freshly, natural, fruit juice without sugar, a gram of 25 whole grain bread, and a whole orange or banana.  For lunch, we cook a salad of our favorite seafood, seasoning it with a small portion of olive oil or lemon juice. Eat 250 grams. Then toast (25 g) and again a glass of fresh fruit juice.   For dinner, we eating 200 g of boiled, steamed or stewed vegetables and cuts from fresh fruits. The next day, we replace dinner with 150 grams of brown boiled rice along with 200 grams of shrimp and a glass of red dry wine.

After several days, you will already feel much better and you will already want to continue this diet.

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