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Effective preparation of a child for school

by womenbabe

Probably every modern parent asks this question. School programs suggest the presence of the basic preparation of the child already upon admission to the first grade. As a rule, developed logic, fine motor skills, and creative development of the child belongs to it.

The ability to read, write and count is usually perceived positively, however, most teachers agree that a child who can read, write and count can be boring in the first grades. Therefore, it is very important to know how to develop a child, and how to do it right.

In turn, this can provoke a child’s lack of interest in the educational process not only in elementary grades, but also in subsequent. In view of this, one should clearly differentiate the level of development of your child and the future educational institution. More developed children are suitable for educational programs based on increased requirements for the initial skills and skills of the child.

The classic model of preschool development, as a rule, includes the ability to count, knowledge of the alphabet. The main task of parents should be the development of the child’s creative potential. The most important is the preparation in the field of fine art, music, as well as the physical preparation of the child. Many teachers and experts believe that weighing the child’s mind with foreign languages ​​and other disciplines that are not characteristic of age does not make sense.

Moreover, in most cases, a negative attitude towards a specific discipline may form, which will inevitably entail not the demand for the child’s potential in this discipline throughout life. Psychologists say that only if the child himself showed interest in something, does it make sense to further develop this direction. And in order for the children to be able to become interested in something, it is necessary to expand their common horizons, giving a choice.

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