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Environmental finishing materials we choose the best

by womenbabe

Most people want to make their home not only beautiful, but also safe. After all, the finish from non -disclosive materials make air dirty enough, which negatively subsequently affects human health.

Below we will describe the types of environmentally friendly materials for decoration of the room, and then you can already decide what is better to choose.

Environmental finishing materials for the floor include parquet or parquet board, laminate, natural linoleum, carpet and ceramic tiles. These materials are safe for health and their use is allowed in living rooms.

Environmental finishing materials for wall decoration include paper wallpaper, “eco -wall”, made of jute, bamboo, canvas and other similar materials. It is not recommended to glue vinyl wallpapers in children’s rooms, because they do not miss the air at all.

Plastic panels are allowed to be used only in the bathroom, corridor and kitchen, but away from furnaces and other hot objects.

How to purchase safe finishing materials?

Features of the degree of environmental friendliness of finishing materials can be read on the package (E1, E2, E3). This is the class of emissions of harmful substances contained in the material. E1 – suggests that the material is almost perfect, it can be used as in living rooms, and in children’s rooms. E2 – recommended for use in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms. E3 – Material can be used for finishing only production facilities, for the house and apartment they are not suitable.

Many finishing materials have special special icons by which you can determine the environmental purity of the product. To be sure of the right choice, consult with the seller, because the jokes are bad with health.

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