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Etiquette how to visit properly

by womenbabe

A visit to visit a troublesome thing not only for the owners, but also for guests. Do you know how to visit properly?

The main rule.

The first and main rule – always negotiate in advance about a trip to visit. It is not good to warn about your arrival in an hour. Those to whom you are going to visit should have enough time to change plans and prepare for your arrival.

Do not get on a visit. The decision and desire should be mutual if it is not about a specific reason (birthday, christening, etc.), but just about a friendly visit.

If there are children in the house.

If there are children in the house of the owners, then you need to prepare and buy a doll or machine for the child. Moreover, if you have your own children, then you may well take them with you by making it in advance with your friends whom you are going to visit. Thus, you do not have to worry about how your children who stayed at home, and the child of the hosts of the holiday will not distract you from friendly gatherings. While the children will play peacefully, you can calmly talk and have fun.

What to take with you?

The rule of good tone is considered to bring with you sweets and (or) drink. Since the owners should prepare the rest of the feast (with rare exceptions, if you agreed to prepare the table to a tie), but the guests take the sweet table as a rule. In addition to sweets and drinking, you can bring fruit and juice with you.

In this case, the cake and wine can be both purchased and its own preparation.

Warn the hosts in advance what exactly you will bring with you so that they do not duplicate the same products, since a good tone is to put on the table everything brought by guests.

Sometimes you can take some of the delicacies with you. For example, if you returned from a long journey and brought one of the delicacies of one of the countries and would like to share this with friends, then you can do it well. At the same time, you will have to tell how to do it right and what you need to eat this dish.

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