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Exotic wedding on Bali

by womenbabe

Snow -white beaches, luxurious tropical greens, bright flowers and affectionate warm sea. Still need arguments? Get it! Bali is also a place where the traditions of one of the oldest cultures are alive. Therefore, the wedding in the traditional Balian rite will be remembered for life. You can modestly get married in a small temple or on the beach or arrange a luxurious festival with trips by elephants or a flight by helicopter.

One of the most interesting options for holding a wedding is the traditional ceremony in the home chapel of the estate of the noble Balitian (Puri). The bride and groom is put on wedding outfits, for example, they put on the bride in such a bride, put on numerous jewelry, golden crowns and apply traditional colorful makeup on their face. Then lovers in the canoeing with flowers arrive in the village. In the luxurious palanquin, the porters deliver them to the house in which the ceremony will be held. They are followed by local residents, bearing gifts in the form of fruits and flowers, and young girls performing a traditional dance. At the entrance to the house, the owner will meet the guests, will say a congratulatory speech and holds to the chapel, where the priest will make a wedding ceremony. Before listening to the oaths, he will do the hands of the bride and groom with water and utter several traditional prayers to cleanse the mind, getting rid of negative energy, wishes a long life and love. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds are presented with a letter of wedding, written by an old Balia letter on palm leaves. Then

You can arrange an intimate evening by candlelight on a secluded beach or a crowded fun with the participation of local residents, traditional dances and playing folk musical instruments. There is one “but”: only religious marriages are allowed on Bali, and Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism and Catholicism are recognized here. If you confess one of these religions, you can officially get married, only a symbolic ceremony is available for the rest. But even with her beauty, she will probably make your love flare up with renewed vigor. In addition, you will not need numerous certificates and documents to conduct such a ritual. Time to prepare at least two weeks.

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