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Falling asleep the child what it should be? Several points of view

by womenbabe

Today we will talk about such an important moment for every mother as a dream, or rather about falling asleep of a child. After all, everyone is completely known for this controversial question for many pediatric doctors.  

The first point of view.   The kid must go to bed on his own.

This opinion was attached enough for the Soviet Union and the United States of America in the twentieth century. In this case, any help to the child fall asleep (meaning, a nipple, swaying on his hands or in a cradle, a bottle of warm milk), was perceived as a pampering for your child.

Accordingly, the baby was angry and tried to somehow show his dissatisfaction with what was happening and cried, that is why this method was still nicknamed as “falling asleep through a scream”. By the way, in this case, the scream was perceived as the spoiling of the baby or just his way to relieve stress. Benjamin Spock insisted that he should not succumb to children’s manipulations. He believed that this is how the child is trying to impose his own rules to parents in such a small age.  

And already in the nineties, after conducting a mass of research, it was found that this method is contrary to the physiology of infants and harms the children’s body. Now the pediatricians were already completely sure that until the children reached three years old, they still cannot independently relax and plunge into sleep, when they simply need it physiologically. This is where parental care is needed in the child’s falling asleep – to rock a little, give a nipple or other tricks, so that he will fall asleep. Over time, the baby will understand when he needs to go to bed, but until then he needs to prompt and offer his help.

The second point of view is the baby’s dream, as the consequences of fatigue

Evgeny Komarovsky, a well -known Russian pediatrician, who says that the child does not need the help of his parents in motion sickness, is of such an opinion on the fall of a child, must be extorted to such a state so that he himself will fit to sleep from exhaustion. The meaning of the concept is to provide the baby with walks in the fresh air, intense games on the site and much more.

In this case, a healthy sleep cycle will also develop. This will help not only for the timely falling asleep of the child, but also strengthen his health. But immediately, of course, the American doctors of William and Martha Serz made the opposite opinion. It seems that after such active loads, the child, on the contrary, will be overwhelmed and does not want to sleep. And now he will still need to rock.

The third point of view is to do anything if only the child will fall asleep

Here the whole point is to help the child in every way in falling asleep, and to swing, and offer a nipple, maybe even put on the bed next to him. In this case, everything is welcome, to the slightest tricks of the parental attitude. The main thing is not to worry about the fact that they say. His time will come and the baby will learn to go to bed on his own, but for now he is small and you can pamper a little. After all, no one will get worse from this, but the falling up of the child will pass much easier!

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