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Fashion collection Lanvin Autumn Winter 2012/13

by womenbabe

Fashion Week in Paris always arouses great interest among journalists, because it is on it that the “lawmakers” of the style, such as Christian Dior, Chanel, Nina Ricci and others, demonstrate their new collections. Among the main ones, it is worth highlighting the fashion brand Lanvin, which decided to please his fans with a very feminine collection.

This show from Lanvin has become an anniversary: ​​the brand celebrates its decade this year, which forced Albert Elbaz, the leading fashion designer, to give up the whole. Thanks to his efforts and talent, the collection of clothes has become a symbol of elegance and femininity.

Fashion critics noted at the show a complete absence of trousers: skirts and dresses replaced each other, they were complemented by jackets, coats, tops and blouses – that is, purely female details of the wardrobe.

Lanvin designers explicitly and clearly stated that next season the palm of the championship will be given exclusively feminine clothing. And the silhouettes of outfits, accents on the shoulders, hips and waist became confirmation.

Amazing the sophistication and variety of decor and accessories from Lanvin: folds, frills, drapery, basque, belts, cameras and even beads that perform the function of straps. Attention was also paid to themselves volumetric skirts, strongly expanding in the thigh area. Thanks to all these tricks, the brand designer Lanvin was able to emphasize the sexual bends of the female body.

The color palette of the collection was as well as possible in intense tones, deep and dark. They were successfully diluted with pure shades of green, scarlet and blue.

The accessories of the collection were appreciated by fashionable critics: massive necklaces with multi -colored stones, long gloves made of genuine leather, belts with buckles in the shape of a lion’s head, elegant clutches – all this made a show even more interesting and unusual.

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