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Fashion makeup in New 2012

by womenbabe

On New Year’s Eve, we want women to be in a special way unusually beautiful, breathtaking and sexy.   So that the beloved does not tear off the admiring eyes and praised our perfection, and the friends squinted enviously in our direction.   Women have long been used by decorative cosmetics, to specially emphasize the brightest and most expressive features. Mostly these are of course eyes and lips.  And so that your eyes look expressively and beautiful, then you should look here and choose a new mascara.

The coming year of the water dragon carries water trends and motives. On New Year’s Eve, he stands on his possessions. And accordingly, makeup rightfully occupies its honorable place in the 2012 fashionable little things.   And we meet him in the exciting shades of blue.   The shadows of deep blue shades are suitable for the long -awaited holiday.   Fashionable stylists have already spilled out a number of such decisions into glossy publications. And, I hasten to notice, it is very successful to us that this palette that has not appeared in the fashion shows of.   Saturated blue mascara is added to the shadows, although black classical mascara is still very, very relevant.  

The dragon is characterized by everything brilliant and mother -of -pearl, so shadows with a flickering effect, shades of gold and steel cold colors will be very relevant.   Do not skimp you when choosing shades of lipstick.   It can be a bright blood-red or cherry lipstick. As well as lipstick “Ala-Apelsin”, however, if you have made the main emphasis in the eye, then you should consider the pastel palette of lipstick colors, which is also very relevant in the coming year. Since the main flowers of the favorites of the dragon are black and red, it is worth giving preference to densely summed up with arrows black eyes with luxurious fluffy eyelashes. Making a bet on Smoki Ice, you undoubtedly become a favorite of the future master of the year. The final stage in the New Year’s makeup will be airy, light powder of natural and natural shades.

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