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Fashion tips for 2012

by womenbabe

We all know that in the world there are no two identical snowflakes, and the style of one person will never look like another style. Today we will give several fashionable tips for your image to be absolutely irresistible.

So, to the wardrobe of the fashionista, you just need to add a top with a snake print. After all, we all love this coloring on bags, shoes, and, you see, on things it also looks great. And in combination with straight black trousers and high -heeled boots, your image will be simply irresistible.

A combination of pastel colors with small patterns to create a more feminine image is also fashionable. So, for example, you can put on a plain plain blouse with a straight light skirt, decorated with small colors in tone. Add heels, and voila, a feminine ensemble for a wonderful working day in an office or at a party ready.

Try to also update your daily outfit with artificial fur jacket. The combination of a simple cut of woolen sweater, straight jeans, high -heeled shoes and a fur jacket, carelessly falling from your shoulders, will make your image irresistible. In this outfit you are elegance itself.

Gathered at the party? Feel free to put on a cocktail dress, and tie a large belt on your belt. So, choosing between a bright handbag or throwing jewelry, give preference to a noticeable belt at your waist. Thus, you will create a fresh and fashionable image with just one accessory. The architectural top will look interesting, reports

Putting on the outfits of the athletic cut, do not forget to shod feminine sandals. But with the clothes of such a cut in everyday image you need to be very careful, because incorrectly selected details will give the impression that you have gathered in the gym. And feminine sandals in this case will only emphasize your commitment to sports, but at the same time they will make it clear that you are a delicate and sensitive lady!

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