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This beautiful wedding bouquet of the bride ..

by womenbabe

A woman and a bouquet of flowers – these two concepts are perfectly combined with each other, especially since the bride and wedding bouquet are not conceivable without each other. This accessory is of incredible importance, because it is a symbol of the bride itself, which, like the flowers in the bouquet is fresh, is beautiful, in color itself. After midnight, when the bride becomes a wife, she throws a bouquet as a sign that now she is not a lonely beautiful flower, now she belongs to her husband, who was lucky to plant this flower in her garden. In addition, the bride’s girlfriends who will catch a bouquet will have a hope for a very fast marriage, and this gives an even greater significance to the wedding bouquet.

The current bride is relate to the selection of a wedding bouquet with great seriousness, because it should approach both the bride and her appearance. Bouquets of bright colors are suitable for girls with the southern type of appearance, and it is better to select bouquets of delicate pastel shades to brides of the northern type of appearance, since bright colors in this case will look too defiant.

It is very symbolic and what kind of flowers are collected in the bouquet, because each flower has its own meaning. Margarita – sociability, orchid – mystery, mystery, white rose – silent hope, red rose – passionate love, yellow rose – treason – changeability, attractiveness, tulip – recognition of love. For such cases, it is convenient to use anonymous color delivery and thereby create an atmosphere of mystery.

The shape of the bouquet can also be varied. It can be a traditional small semicircular bouquet, or there can be a bouquet with a flower composition falling on one side. It can be made up of a small number of colors on a long leg, gracefully decorated to pull the silhouette of the bride.

A wedding bouquet can be made independently, but it is better not to take risks and entrust it to the hands of professional florists. They can also be entrusted with the manufacture of a budonier of the future spouse, since this accessory should repeat the floral theme, begun in the bouquet of the bride.

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