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Female happiness would be children nearby

by womenbabe

Healthy and happy children are the key to a great future. Children are what you should live and create!

Voriginal Song is sung “Female happiness – it would be cute nearby,” but there are women who can say with confidence that happiness is in children! There were many difficulties and troubles in their life, but it was the children and their sincere smiles that helped them survive and feel truly happy.

Meaning of life

“I come from the Sumy region, got married at 18 and left to live in the capital. My husband and I lived in a hostel, and a son was born soon. It was very difficult at that time: my husband did not help, but only loved to drink, ”recalls Nina Fedorovna Nignibed.- It was very difficult for me to make a decision to divorce, because I loved him, but there was no other way out. Despite the fact that my son was still very small, I had to make a job.

A good grandmother of a neighbor, whom I always thanked, looked after the baby. There was no question of personal life, because the child had to be shod, dress, teach. And only when my son was 14 years old, I met a military man, for whom, over time, married. He became a real father to his son. Together with him, we left for five years to live in Russia, and after 2 years we had a daughter. Upon returning to Kyiv, I got a job again. Our family did not need anything, although it was a time of deficiency. While I was working, my husband was engaged in my youngest daughter: mugs, pool, dancing … At that time he was already a military pensioner. Over time, we bought a cottage, a car … And when my daughter was 7 years old, my husband was gone. It was incredibly difficult to lose his beloved man again, but I did not give up! Grandma came to the rescue, and I had to hire a nanny. I reached out with all my might and wanted to give the children everything so that they would not need anything. The only thing that children were missing then was maternal warmth. I have worked for years without vacations, but the children had the opportunity to ride the sea annually, and I was very happy about this. When my daughter was in the fifth grade, I had a stroke, there was little chance. I prayed God for a day to recover, because I have two children, and they still need to be put on my feet. And after such a serious illness, I immediately rushed into battle – I worked again for days. Fortunately, the eldest son was no longer a child, helped in everything, and we opened our job. In my entire life I personally devoted a minimum of time to myself. I raised children, shoe, put on, gave a prestigious education, housing and even vehicles. I will constantly help them with everything I can.

I help to raise my first grandson and I will not wait for the second grandson or granddaughter. Now I live in a country house that I built myself. I take care of the garden and enjoy a calm life. And on holidays I definitely collect children and set the family table. And I always say that they themselves try to give their children everything in their power. After all, this is the meaning of life. I am a happy mother who devoted herself to her beloved children and I do not regret it at all!“When I was 16 years old, our family moved from Russia to Ukraine. A new interesting life has begun here. I was a young and promising pianist. I was immediately taken to a local instrumental ensemble and called virtuoso there. I managed to conquer the hearts of many listeners, among whom was my future husband Valery, says Margarita Dziuba. – At 10 years old I got a job in kindergarten, where I worked as an educator and a music worker for several years. Got married. Everything was fine with us: after five years of family life, a daughter was born. Soon my husband threw us, and after a while I found out that he had a novel. It seemed that life was now over ..

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