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From what materials they make tapestries whether it is possible to make it yourself

by womenbabe

From the depths of centuries, the traditions of decoration of dwellings have reached its peculiar elements of decorative art.

Artistic embroidery, chilling, wood painting, ceramics, coinage and many other folklore products complement the interior of the room, give individual flavor, originality of style, fill it with warmth and create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Among the great many remarkable works of people’s craftsmen, Russian tapestries from Ivanovo – unilateral wall -free -free carpets depicting a fragment of the plot or ornamental compositions stand out with their originality and sophistication.

Currently, tapestries are widely used by wealthy people in the interiors of city apartments, country houses and cottages. These products can be made both manually and machine. Machine tapestry made by the latest technology are a truly unique work of art, combining traditional painting and computer graphics. But this is today ..

And once a long time ago, the tapestries were performed by hand. Woolen or silk threads served as raw materials, gold was woven as a finish. Manual weaving is a fairly laborious process. Depending on the density of work, the skilled master performed no more than 1.5 m over the year. sq. Products. Therefore, the prices for tapestries were very high, and the acquisition was available only to wealthy customers.

For centuries, the tapestries adorned the luxurious interiors of French, English, Italian nobles, representing whole ensembles of products united by one topic. Bedding, for example, pillowcases of pillows, as well as curtains, canopy served as a great continuation of the topic of tapestries.

Today, in addition to wool and silk, acrylic, viscose, lurex, polyester are also used in tapestries. Thanks to the use of threads of various thicknesses and high quality, skillful copies of medieval tapestries or paintings of outstanding artists are obtained. Such products have been serving for many years, without bursting and not fading in the sun. Many owners of Belgium tapestry stores put their goods on the street under the scorching rays of the sun to demonstrate to customers the resistance of their colors.

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