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Gasoline cultivator Neva with reverse

by womenbabe

Neva gasoline cultivators and motoblocks have proven themselves and are in high demand in the Russian market. The assortment of cultivators includes: heavy cultivators and motoblocks, middle-class cultivators and mini-cultivators. Use these cultivators, to perform many types of agricultural work, allows a large selection of attached attachments.    Such cultivators in our country are used not only by amateur gardeners, but also by farmers.  

Gasoline cultivator type MOTOBLOK Neva MB-2S-7.,   created specifically for the cultivation of heavy, virgin lands and plots, with an area of ​​up to 30 acres. The main features of this cultivator model are: the presence of a rear gear (reverse), and, regulated in several positions, folding handles.   The handles are very ergonomic, oval in shape, allow the cultivator to perform work related to large loads and on virgin soils.    Thanks to these functions, the cultivator of this model is applicable for working in hard -to -reach places (slopes, crowding of thickets), as it has very good maneuverability, and with the help of reverse it is easy to extract from the soil with maximum immersion in the ground.

The cultivator, having excellent technical characteristics, can be used to cultivate land even in farms. To increase reliability and stable work in a reversing chain gearbox, reinforced (large) bearings are installed. The four -stroke Japanese engine Subaru EX21D with a capacity of 7 l/s, in conjunction with a large (up to 60 cm) capture width, allow not only to process the soil qualitatively, but also provide high performance. The engine has the upper location of the valves, which allows you to reduce fuel consumption, noise and vibration level, as well as increase the life of the cultivator. The engine operating with a volume of 3, 6 liters arriving from a fuel tank is operating on gasoline and is capable of developing 4,000 revolutions per minute.

In addition, the cultivator has additional features and characteristics that increase and facilitate convenience in working with it.   The cultivator regulates the number of engine speeds, light launch, belt clutch with a reverse, significant weight (98 kg) allows you to process the heavy soils necessary to protect plants of the discs and adjust the width of the capture of the processed surface.  

This model belongs to a series of heavy and powerful cultivators with a recommended soil processing area of ​​1,500 kV. m.

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