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Hair removal with wax

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The main types of epilation:




With the help of wax.

One of the types of mechanical hair removal is the use of wax (waxing). This type can also be called bioepilation or vaccination. More suitable areas of the body of wax hair removal:


Neck, face;

Shoulders, arms;



Bikini zone.

Two types are used for wax hair removal: hot and warm, warming it up in a special apparatus – wax. It all depends on which area for hair removal you have chosen. Solid (hot) is used for wax hair removal in the area of ​​bikini and armpits. Warm wax remove the hair, mainly on the arms, legs.

With the help of wax, you remove all unwanted hair and can boast of beautiful and smooth, like silk in body.

Positive aspects of hair removal with wax:

After the procedure, the result will please from three weeks to a month;

The vastness of the conduct (you can choose several zones for hair removal);

A convenient and effective way to remove hair with a small percentage of irritation without allergic reactions;

Slow down hair growth;

Removal of dead cells;

Adequate price;

The ability to carry out the procedure both in the cabin and at home.

Wax is a simple and convenient hair removal tool. First it is heated in wax, and then applied to the skin. To apply wax, use a spatula or video. When hair removal, all the hair is completely removed, both its visible part and the root itself. Therefore, the skin remains smooth for a long time.

The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti came up with this method of hair removal, adding honey and plant juice to wax. The Old Russian Princess Olga continued this “ritual”. She used wax, adding resin to it. In the modern world, bioepilation can be carried out in a beauty salon or at home on its own.

How to remove hair with wax at home?

To carry out this procedure, you need to purchase certain cosmetics.

First you need to determine the area and process the selected area with a special gel that relieves pain.

Heat the wax and start applying a thin layer, since if you apply with a too thick layer, you can get a burn. All excess must be removed with special oil.

At the very end, apply a soothing cream to relieve irritation.

You need to apply wax only to clean and dry skin. The procedure can last from ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the desired result.

Wax hair removal is prohibited if there is a zone in your chosen area:




Vein expansion;


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