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by womenbabe

Now there are a lot of opinions about moisturizers for skin care, which often has to guess how good this or that cream is good. Yes, and how can some potion restore the skin, burned with severe frosts or dried with heat of central heating? In addition, as the skin is aged, it becomes more and more dry and wrinkled and, unfortunately, there is no getting away from this. So can the cream save the skin from these consequences and return it to its former girlish beauty? And what is the difference between an expensive exclusive lotion and ordinary supermarket cream?

So, moisturizing creams contain glycerin – a humidifier, which holds moisture in the skin. They also have softeners and different oils that together create a kind of barrier against external irritants.

Between the cells in the outer ball of the skin there is skin lard and lipids that give the skin a fresh, ruddy look. When we add years, we lose these substances, and our skin is becoming more dry and lifeless. And humidifiers fill the necessary moisture with this space between the cells.

When moisture returns to the skin, it changes. Its texture improves, irritation and peeling passes. But to achieve all this, you do not need to hunt for expensive miraculous lotions. A conventional water -based cream is suitable. Soap dries the skin, so most dermatologists do not use it, the female journal reports

Conventional moisturizers remain in the epidermis, but they do not regenerate cells and do not get rid of wrinkles. Although some expensive means can help in this. So, until recently, retinoids were used mainly for the treatment of acne, but now they are widely used in cosmetic creams.   Although completely the process of retinoids is not yet fully studied. There is evidence that they stimulate the production of collagen in the dermis, which can contribute to smoothing wrinkles. They also enhance the reorganization of cells in the skin, which visually makes the skin more smooth, improving its tone. Although retinoids have the opposite side – they can lead to redness, peeling or irritation on the skin. They also make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet.

So we advise more carefully about innovations in cosmetology, because there are a huge number of creams that promise to make your face irresistible and simplify the care of sensitive skin, but do not have laboratory grounds for such statements. And dry skin can easily eliminate cheaper humidifier.

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