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How much it is too much?

by womenbabe

Everyone knows that the basis of a healthy diet is a simple truth: there is less fat, salty, sweets, lean into fruits and vegetables, control portions. But in practice it is not always possible to trace when we begin to abuse products.

So, the daily rate of fat consumption for women is 70 grams (for comparison: men – 95g, children – 70g), which can easily be found in 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 grams of fried salted nuts.

Fatty food consumption subjects you much more to a set of excess weight, since fat contains much more calories than in other power sources. And you can’t satisfy hunger with fatty foods. Therefore, the amount of fat consumed should be controlled. Although there are useful fats, such as omega-3, which are necessary for the heart and blood flow. And for children, these fats are simply vital, because they play an important role in the work of the brain, transfers

The most dangerous for the body are saturated fats, since they have a lot of cholesterol, the excess of which provokes heart disease. The daily norm of such fats for the female body is 20 grams (for men – 30 g, children – 20g). These are 4 teaspoons of oil or 2 tablespoons of fat cream. On average, we consume 30% more such fats than recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Most saturated fats in fried meat, cheeses, cream, oil, sweets, chocolate.

Daily salt rate for women – 6 grams (men – 6g, children – 4g), that is, 1 teaspoon with top. But do not forget that a large amount of salt is absorbed into products during cooking, but we do not feel it. An excess of salt leads to increased blood pressure, which in turn is fraught with heart disease.

The daily sugar rate for women is 90 grams (men – 120, children – 85), and this is just the norm of one jar of soda, orange juice or two chocolate bars. And the excess sugar leads to the destruction of the teeth and the increased level of glucose in the blood.

So we advise you to approach nutrition issues more thoroughly, so as not to harm our body/

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