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How the New Year is celebrated in Greece?

by womenbabe

New Year is a holiday that absolutely every of us awaits. His meeting is associated with the advent of magic and fairy tales in the House. We always hope that it is he who will fulfill our most secret desires.   And it is not in vain that it is said: “As you meet him, you will spend it”. Therefore, the choice of a place where you will lift a glass at midnight must be treated with all seriousness.

If the home cozy atmosphere has fed up a little, and in Egypt with a tanned native you also do not want to celebrate this holiday, then we suggest you celebrate the New Year in Greece.

The traditions of the New Year in Greece

From time immemorial, New Year and Christmas have been among the Greeks practically the most important and long -awaited holidays. And to this day, they are preparing for their meeting with the whole soul. The people of Greece as it were and remains very hospitable, open and emotional. This is probably why there are new traditions of the New Year from year to year. Moreover, in each area of ​​the country they are their own.

So, for example, in the village settlements of Northern Greece on the very eve of the holiday, the owner of the house is obliged to bring a dense pine log.   It is burned in the fireplace, from which the entire old ash was already removed in advance, throughout all holidays (from Christmas to Baptism). Also, this “procedure” is cleaned by the chimney, according to the remains of soot in the house, evil demons can penetrate the house.

But the ionic islands of the New Year in Greece are not recommended for people suffering from allergic reactions to various perfumes and cologne. The fact is that on the eve of this holiday, local residents go out into the street and doused with these defective agents of everyone in a row.

On the Peloponnes Peninsula, the whole family spends his first morning in the church service.  In this case, the head of the family must have a grenade. Upon returning home, the owner must first step on the threshold, thus bringing a good omen with a grenade in the coming year. He should go into the house from his right leg, and then throw the fruit against the wall with all his strength. If you believe the signs, then if the berries scattered in all directions and this family will be very profitable very far.

The oldest and most popular tradition in Greece is walking through the streets and houses of children who sing songs and wish prosperity and happiness in the new year. In response, everyone gives them various sweets and coins.

How is the New Year meeting?

It is customary to celebrate New Year in Greece with a family or from good friends. The holiday begins with another tradition – in front of the threshold of the house, the invitees put a stone. The larger he is, the owner the house wishes more joy and prosperity.

Sitting down at the table, the guests exchange gifts and wishes. Mistresses, as a rule, do not greedy and serve on the table everything that is in the house. The main dishes are a fried pig with baked potatoes and the National Vasilopita Pie, inside which a coin is hidden. There is a belief that whoever finds it, he will be happy in the coming year. Another of the most important attributes of the festive table is gingerbread cookies, which the housewives are not sorry to soak in honey. [Embeded Content] After the feast, adults can continue to have fun, and the children hang New Year’s socks or shoes over the fireplace and go to bed. And, of course, the next morning in them is the very gift that they made.

A trip to Greece is a trip to the country of riddles and constant fun. If you manage to go there on New Year’s holidays, then, of course, you will be a rare lucky one.

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