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How to accustom yourself to run in the morning?

by womenbabe

You want to get up in the morning and go for a run? Of course, running in the morning, and indeed running, is very useful, but it happens that, having gathered with thoughts and setting himself a goal, a person does not start to run. These tips for you, for those who want to start running in the morning, learn how to get up early without any effort, learn to live in a certain rhythm.

First of all, in order to get up for the first time early in the morning, you will need an alarm clock. Choose yourself the time in which you would like to wake up, and feel free to set the alarm signal. So far, you will have to do this, until at least until you get used to it and this will not get into your habit. Just, according to the women’s magazine online, tune in to the fact that you will wake up like this every day, it will be much easier to adapt to a new rhythm and this will become a habit much easier and faster.

So, the time has chosen. After that, or rather before this: try to devote time before going to bed, just a few minutes to speak for myself such phrases “I will get up at the intended time and go for a run”, “I will wake up at a certain time and will certainly run” , “Tomorrow I will wake up, wake up quickly and easily and immediately go for a run”. The list of phrases, of course, is not limited, you can connect imagination and come up with what exactly you like the most, but still it is worth the phrases to periodically change, come up with new ones, otherwise the old ones will cease to work properly.

You get up early? – Go a little earlier. Do not sit at a computer or TV late. Go to bed when you feel that you want to sleep, try not to sleep during the day, but to go to bed earlier in the evening. At first, of course, it will be difficult, especially for those who are used to sleeping during the day, but then you will gradually get used to it, and this will become a habit, just like an early rise.

In the morning, when you wake up, try not to turn off the alarm and immediately “fall” back into the bed. Wake up a jerk, get up immediately and go to the bath, wash yourself with cold water. You can get a little bitter after that, but you should not go back into the bed as soon as the alarm stops to ring, otherwise it will be approximately the following, especially among lovers to soak in bed: “Now, I get up, five more minutes” or something like that, in the end we are either we wake up, open our eyes – we already need to run to work or study, we are late. We jump up, get dressed quickly, somehow snack and leave faster, hoping not to be late, and we remember about running in the morning at the end of the day. Either this thought comes to the head: “Why do I need this run in general?! I’m lying in bed and I am warm, it’s good and I don’t want to go somewhere at all ”. Such thoughts will appear – drive them out of your head, and yourself to the bathroom, wash, wash yourself and wash again. At the same time, it can continue for an endlessly long time until you show at least a little firmness to yourself.

Thus, following these simple advice, you can quickly accustom yourself to get up early in the morning, go for a run, while not experiencing discomfort and fatigue. Good runs and good health to you!

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