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How to attract a man by smell

by womenbabe

Any woman can, with the help of smell, attract the attention of the man he likes. To do this, you need to find out his addiction to certain smells. This is a well -known fact that the most important smell for men is the smell of a woman. Which attracts men most in smells, consider below.

The smell of spirits that the man loves to use are one of the most important smells for him. But if you decide to use this trick and use the same spirits as his mother, you should know that you will also have to be worthy of this smell.

Many men like the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, as it is associated with their smell of home comfort and heat. But you should not abuse this smell. The aroma of vanilla should be thin, not sugary.

Perfumes, which include the essential oil of sandalwood, orange, patchouli, ylang-ylang, jasmine and other citrus fruits are also able to attract the attention of a man. Men especially like the smell of jasmine and lilies. He just drives them crazy. These aromas are a strong Afrosodiac and cause a strong attraction to men to the opposite sex.

The aroma of a juicy watermelon is also able to attract a man. Such a smell gives the impression of the energetic and cheerful playful nature of the girl. A man will instinctively reach for such a girl, because he will understand that he will not be bored in her company. The aroma of musk is also a famous Afrosodiac, which is able to start about a third of the population of men. Musk is associated with the smell of a pure female body.

The aroma of fruits and flowers can break and disarm any man, since such a smell is able to transfer them to ancient times, where the smells of nature dominated.

To attract men, it is best to choose warm, unobtrusive aromas and at the same time emotional. In order for this or that aroma to have a magical effect on your chosen one, it is necessary first of all that you like this aroma. This should be the most important criterion when choosing spirits.

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