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How to behave on the beach?

by womenbabe

You visited a tourist site, purchased a tour at the sea resort, flew to a foreign country, and have already settled in a hotel? Now the main question is for you is how to behave on the beach correctly. How to be?

1.             First of all, we take with you sunscreen, towel, shales, panama or pareo, as well as a bottle of still drinking water and go to the beach.  

2.             Do not run into the sea as soon as you came to the beach. You need to wait 15-20 minutes in the shade, and then go into the water. For a long time to be in the water also does not need. Otherwise, cold chills may begin up to seizures. An ideal solution would be to swim for about 15 minutes, and then sit on the shore for about 30-40 minutes. But it is no longer necessary to pull the time, since prolonged stay on the sun can lead to shock, burns, loss of consciousness.

3.             No need to swim far from the shore on an inflatable mattress or in a circle, if you do not know how to swim. One wrong movement, and they can easily turn over under the gust of wind. Do not swim behind the bathing zone, avoid swimming at bridges and marinas. It is strictly forbidden to swim to motor boats and other vessels. While in the water, do not bother other vacationers. Do not even try to swim in a state of intoxication. At stake – life and health.

4.             Do not leave garbage on the beach. For active games with the ball, it is best to choose specially designated territories. Loud music also do not include. Not all vacationers will be pleasant to cigarette smoke. That is why, if you have not yet parted with a pernicious habit, then it is worth arranging smoke breaks. It is worth noting that if you took a place on the beach, you do not need to leave it for several hours. In European countries, for this they can also be fined.

5.             In the event that you have decided to visit the best beaches of the world that are located in the Kariban Sea and the Indian Ocean, you need to carefully study the rules of behavior on the beaches of the country where you eat. As it turned out, in many eastern countries, obscene behavior is prohibited. It can even be kisses and hugs, not to mention more relaxed caresses.

6.             If you like to sunbathe topless or completely without a swimsuit, you can go to Croatia. There are a large number of nudist beaches. However, they have their own vowel or unspoken set of rules. For example, on some of these beaches in Croatia, it is strictly forbidden to appear in clothes.

Good rest for you and be careful!

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