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How to competently attract the attention of a man so that he does not run away

by womenbabe

To attract the attention of a man should be carefully, not to exhaust the man with his attention, not become an annoying fool, but to use the method that is appropriate in a particular situation. And so, we will tell a few elementary ways that can help attract the attention of the guy.

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Be sexy

This is one of the most effective ways to attract male attention. It’s not even necessary to explain anything here, every woman herself knows what her strengths are and how to use them. It is important to remember the main thing – a sexual person is always confident in his attractiveness, he is alien to the ostentatious shyness and excessive cowardice. Be confident in yourself and be sexy!

Laugh more often

Laughter will be able to show you from the positive side, demonstrating you as a spectacular and cheerful personality, breathing positive. It must be remembered that guys love smiling girls, and especially those who can appreciate their sense of humor, and will laugh at his jokes (even stupid). But it is worth being attentive – the laughter should not be artificial and annoying, you do not need to turn into a clown.

Use gestures

Do not make sudden movements, you do not need to wave in front of a man like a boxer in the ring. However, gestures capable of showing some emotions during an ordinary conversation will be very to the place. And they will form a good impression about you. Remember, many of the gestures: playing with hair, oblique glances, demonstration of the bare parts of the body, our grandmothers were successfully used by our grandmothers. Maybe they will benefit you?

Use bright clothes

Most educated girls know that men in terms of evolution have not left animals much and the bright color of clothing will help to quickly attract attention. However, then it is worth remembering the measure – the doll painted in clumsy bright colors also repels, like a gray mouse dressed in grandmother’s clothes.

Be positive

Probably, only a dull melancholic or a depressed guy-ghoth will appreciate your sad physiognomy, most people like communication with positive and funny people.

The knock of heels

Many girls have repeatedly noticed that when he heard the cloud -shaped heels of the man, the man’s head turns like a tank’s tower, and besides heels, men have been starting. It is worth remembering what the figure becomes after you dress 17 cm stilettos .

The original manner of behavior

To climb under the table and cook this is not the best style of behavior, and it is unlikely to bring success. But if in the course of communication to show one of your talents, for example: the ability to dance or tell jokes, then this will bring tangible benefits. If during the conversation it is unobtrusively demonstrating your mind, while positively responding about the intellect of the interlocutor, then this will undoubtedly attract attention, especially if there are only fools around.

Now you know how to behave correctly to get a guy. The most important thing is to communicate with the guy – to behave confidently, relaxed, but not untied. You need to train, and then you will become a professional in the seduction of guys.

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